About us

       The Civil Alliance of Kazakhstan, whose main mission is the development of civil society in the Republic of Kazakhstan, is one of the largest republican associations covering over 500 non-profit organizations throughout the country. 

       Tasks of the Civil Alliance of Kazakhstan: 

1. Promote the development of the non-governmental sector, improving the efficiency and quality of the work of Kazakhstani NGOs; 

2. Provide a favorable legal, economic and social environment for the implementation of public initiative; 

3. Develop mutually beneficial partnership between society, business structures, international organizations and the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan; 

4. Support the activities of the Public Councils in the Republic of Kazakhstan; 

5. Combine the efforts of members and partners for sustainable development and the promotion of democratic processes in Kazakhstan. 

       What do we do?

1) Consolidation and coordination of the Civil Alliance’s public structures in order to develop civil society institutions and deepen the process of democratic reforms in a society; 

2) We develop programs and projects on the education and professionalization of NGOs and civil society activists; 

3) Represent and protect the interests of society, affiliates and partner organizations in state authorities and administrations, courts, interstate, non-state, international and other organizations;

4) We work with the public on the development and support of civil initiatives;

5) We develop proposals for amending legislation on the activities of non-governmental non-profit organizations, trade unions and economic incentives for businesses in matters of philanthropy;

6) We participate in the formation of a charity culture in the Republic of Kazakhstan;

7) We carry out the examination, monitoring and evaluation of draft laws, regulatory and legal acts, strategic plans of state and budget programs aimed at improving the “power-society” relations;

8) Develop international cooperation on the development of civil society;

9) We interact with business structures to develop a culture of corporate social responsibility in Kazakhstan.

  • Presidium of the "Civil Alliance of Kazakhstan"

  • Kozhakhmetov Assylbek Bazarbaevich
  • President
  • assylbek@civilalliance.kz
  • Tuzelbayev Gamal
  • Vice president
  • gamal@civilalliance.kz
  • Duambekov Musagali
  • Vice president
  • mae_astana@mail.ru
  • Koshim Dosmakhambet
  • Vice president
  • doskushim@yahoo.com
  • The Directorate of the "Civil Alliance of Kazakhstan"

  • Lima Dias
  • Director
  • Lima@civilalliance.kz